Tickets and show info, including upcoming dates, are listed in www.EventBrite.com .Use the keyword STRUT or Venetian Moon in the search bar.

We unfortunately do not have a dedicated room for private events or 20 or more, however, we may be able to use our existing dining areas during off peak times, within operating hours,  depending on the size and day of the event. Contact [email protected] for more specific information. 
We do offer gluten free penne as a pasta option. We also use corn flour instead of wheat flour in our saute dishes, which allows us to prepare many of our menu items gluten free. 
We do not offer a separate children’s menu, however, most items are available in ½ portions at ½ price for children under 12.
Individual cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are not allowed. Cakes, such as birthday cakes for 4 or more are allowed as long as they are purchased from a bakery or store. Ice cream cakes, cakes containing nuts, and home baked cakes are also not permitted.